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The AME Church

PECordellJoanHunter CustomRichard Allen (February 14, 1760 – March 26, 1831)

was a minister, educator, writer, and one of America's most active and influential black leaders. In 1794, he founded the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME), the first independent black denomination in the United States. He opened his first AME church in 1794 in PhiladelphiaPennsylvania.

Elected the first bishop of the AME Church in 1816, Allen focused on organizing a denomination in which free blacks could worship without racial oppression and slaves could find a measure of dignity. He worked to upgrade the social status of the black community, organizing Sabbath schools to teach literacy and promoting national organizations to develop political strategies.


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Presiding Elder and Sis HunterGreetings in the Matchless and Empowering name of God Our Father, Jesus Christ Our Redeemer, The Holy Spirit, Our Deliverer and Mankind Our Brother.

First Lady Joan and I along with thirty Pastors and Leaders welcome you to our Eastern District, Baltimore Conference Website.  It will be a viable instrument and conduit to provide and to retrieve information highlighting connectional, episcopal district, conference, district, local churches, components and community activities.

Links will be established to facilitate a clearinghouse of information, resources and opportunities for building God’s Kingdom and uplifting mankind.

I thank First Lady Joan and Bro. Paul Kearney for making this vision a reality.

If you are searching for a permanent and or an affiliate church home, where God’s word is preached, taught and lived in a nurturing spiritual environment embracing the vision of African Methodism, we will be very delighted to assist you.

As we embark upon God’s divine work, let us embrace His Will, and translate His Words into deeds.  Further, we will be empowered through Prayer, Praise and Proclamation.

Rev. Cordell E. Hunter, Sr.

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